Wobbles is a common Party Food Shopkin from Season One.


Favorite Hobby:

Hip hop dancing

Your friends would describe you as...

A bit klutzy and a bit of a worry wart! But once she starts jiggling on the dance floor, no Shopkins can stop her!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Snow Crush

Where do you hang out?

In the party section!

Ultimate Collector's Guide Info


Wiggling to a good beat

Favorite Song:

"Getting Jiggly With It"


A worrier who bounces from problem to problem

Pet Peeve:

It feels like her friends can see right through her.


Dancing shakes the stress away.


Wobbles is a dark green colored gelatin mold.

Her variant is colored dark blue.

There are two exclusive variants of her in the Food Fair blind bags. The first one is a pink and purple ombré gelatin mold. The other one is a lime green and aquamarine ombré gelatin mold, but it's depicted as being simply teal in its artwork.

There is also an exclusive variant of her from the Mystery Edition #3 pack. This variant features her as a light green gelatin mold. She is lightly coated with glitter.


  • Due to being depicted on the wrapper of the prototype version of the Watermelon Shopkins Poppin' Crunch Candy, the green Wobbles may be watermelon flavored.
  • Her Food Fair toys have the same colors as Jiggly Jelly from Season Four.
    • Also, the collector's tool art for her green Food Fair variant does not have a ombré effect like the figure.
  • Her static art lacks feet, while her CT art and figure has them.


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