Wendy Washer is a rare Cleaning & Laundry Shopkin from Season Two.


Favourite Hobby:

Spin cycle classes at the gym

Your friends would describe you as...

A truthful Shopkin, she lays it on the line! She's a clean-living kind of girl!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Sizzles and Sarah Softner

Where do you hang out?

Cleaning & Laundry


Wendy Washer is a green, yellow, and white bottle of laundry soap that reads "WASH" in lavender letters. She has a dark green cap on her head. She holds a pink clothespin in her left hand.

Her variant is a pink and green bottle of laundry soap that reads "WASH" in pink letters. She has a purple cap on her head. She holds a yellow clothespin in her left hand.

In her art, she is depicted holding a yellow towel in her hand, like Sarah Softner.


  • She is sometimes confused with Sarah Softner because of them having a similar shape.
  • There is an error on her Collector's Card that shows Sweeps behind her.


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