This article is about the Season Six character named Wanda Wafer. If you're looking for the Season Three character named Wanda Wafer, see Wanda Wafer (Season Three).

Wanda Wafer is a special edition Sweets Shopkin from Season Six. She is included in the Banana Split recipe.


Wanda Wafer: Wanda Wafer has the scoop on all the best desserts! A little dippy, she's always sticking her nose in the sweetest treats!


Wanda Wafer is a wafer that fades from white to purple. Her mouth is wide open and her eyes are tightly shut. When dipped in hot water, her filling inside changes from purple to white.

There are no variants of her.


  • She shares her name with a Season Three Shopkin.
  • On the online collector's tool, her number is mistakenly listed as (#7-078) despite being classified as a Season Six Shopkin on the website.


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