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Waffle Sue is a rare Sweet Treats Shopkin from Season Two.


Favorite hobby:

Waffling on about anything

Your friends would describe you as...

A total chatterbox who loves to stay toasty warm. Even it means a meltdown on top!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Ice-cream Dream

Where do you hang out?

Sweet Treats


Waffle Sue is a brown waffle. On her head is a vanilla ice cream scoop that seems to be melting. A pink strawberry is also sitting upon her head beside the ice cream.

Her variant is a yellow waffle with a green ice cream scoop on her head. The ice cream seems to be melting. Upon her head is also a red strawberry near the ice cream.

There are also two exclusive variants from the Food Fair blind bags. The first one is a blue waffle with a yellow scoop of ice cream. The other one is a pink waffle with a purple scoop of ice cream.


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