Waffle Sue is a rare Sweet Treats Shopkin from Season Two.


Favorite hobby:

Waffling on about anything

Your friends would describe you as...

A total chatterbox who loves to stay toasty warm. Even it means a meltdown on top!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Ice-cream Dream

Where do you hang out?

Sweet Treats


Waffle Sue is a brown waffle. On her head is a white scoop of ice cream that seems to be melting. A pink strawberry is also sitting upon her head beside the ice cream.

Her variant is a yellow waffle with a green ice cream scoop on her head. The ice cream seems to be melting. Upon her head is also a red strawberry near the ice cream.

There are also two exclusive variants from the Food Fair line. The first one is a blue waffle with a yellow scoop of ice cream.

The other variant from the Food Fair line is a pink waffle with a purple scoop of ice cream.


  • The collector artwork of the two standard variants has the ice cream erroneously outlined in the color of the waffle, along with on the ice cream's details. This error is fixed in the Food Fair variant artwork.