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Season One Two Pack

The Shopkins Two Packs were the first of the Shopkins merchandise to be released. These include two Shopkins, a receipt-like Shopkins Collector's Guide, and a shopping basket.

Product Description

Start your super-cute Shopkins™ collection with the 2 Pack! Includes 2 characters and a shopping basket for you to shop with! Collect them all!

Blind Baskets

Season One

In June 2014, the Season One blind baskets were released. They were blue shopping baskets that read "Shopkins" on them.

Season Two

In late November/early December of 2014, the Season Two two packs were released with the same design as the Season One two packs, but this time in different colors. These baskets were pink with purple handles.

Season Three

In June 2015, the Season Three two packs were released, this time with a slightly different basket design. These baskets are stackable. The baskets are pink, translucent, and glittery. They have teal handles. Also during Season Three, Fashion Spree blind baskets were released. Each blind baskets contains two recolors from either Season One, Two, or Three. The baskets are translucent purple and glittery.

Candy Jars

In summer 2015, candy jar-shaped blind packs were released as part of the Food Fair. Each candy jar contains two exclusive Shopkins that are repaints from Seasons One, Two, and Three. The candy jars are blue, translucent, and stackable.


In late 2015, blind packs resembling Christmas ornaments were released. There were two different types of bauble released: A round turquoise colored ball containing two regular Season Three Shopkins, and metallic bell-shaped bauble containing exclusive variants of Season Three Shopkins that are colored in Christmas colors (red, green, white). Each bauble has a ribbon attached to the top so they can be hung from a Christmas tree.


In January 2016, the Season Four blind packs were released. For this Season, the blind packs resemble crates and can be stacked. Each blind crate contains two Season Four Shopkins. There were pink and white crates released.

Easter Eggs

In January 2016, Easter egg-shaped blind packs were released several months before Easter. The eggs come in pastel pink, blue, and yellow. The packs each contain two exclusive pastel Shopkins variants.  

Petkin Backpacks

In May 2016, the Season Five blind packs were released. In this Season, the blind packs are shaped like backpacks with Petkin faces. There are two different backpacks: A pink cat Petkin backpack, and a blue dog Petkin backpack. Each blind pack contains two Season Five Shopkins. These backpacks can be connected to each other.

In June 2017, limited Canadian Costco stores released a special variant of these blind packs, consisting of a box that contained 16 packs, for a total of 32 Shopkins in one purchase.


In September 2016, Pumpkin-shaped blind packs were released a month prior to Halloween. The packs each contain two exclusive Halloween themed Shopkins variants.


In October 2016, the Season Six blind packs were released. In this season, the packs are shaped like jars. The packs come with two Shopkins, a collector's guide, and a recipe card. The jars can be stacked. 

2016 Baubles

In late 2016, another series of blind packs resembling Christmas baubles were released. There were two Christmas blind baubles released. The first series features round glittery baubles that come in white and pink as well as two new exclusive Christmas-themed Shopkins. The second series features metallic bell-shaped baubles that come in three colors: pink, green, and silver. The baubles come with two exclusive Season Five repaints. 

Gift Boxes

For Season Seven, the blind packs are shaped like gift boxes, or presents. One is purple, and the other is pink. Each present or gift box contains two Season Seven Shopkins.


  • In Season One, you could not get limited editions in two packs.