Toni Topper is a rare Hats Shopkin from Season Three.


Toni Topper: Always on top of things! Loves to go out on the town! A real non-stop top shopper!


Toni Topper is a red top hat with a white bow and trim.

Her variant is a white top hat with a pink bow and trim.

There is an exclusive variant of her included in the Shopkins Mystery Edition. This variant is a hot pink neon top hat with a neon orange bow and neon green trim.

There is also a variant of her from the Shopkins Glamour Squad pack. This variant features her as a fuchsia pink fading to white ombré top hat with an aqua bow and fuchsia pink trim. She is lightly coated with glitter.

There are also two variants of her from the Easter 2017 blind baskets. The first variant features her as an aqua hat with a yellow and purple ribbon.

The second variant features her as a yellow hat with a red and blue ribbon.


  • She matches Lizzy Lace-up in appearance.
  • Strangely, her collector's tool art depicts her with her eyes open and arms outstretched, but her toy depicts her with her eyes closed and her arms tucked in.
    • However, the collector's tool art for her Mystery Edition variant depicts her with her eyes closed, along with a matching pose to her figure.