Tiara Sparkles is a princess-themed Lil' Shoppie. She debuted in 2016 at the same time as Kristina Apples and Riana Radio as part of the Kitty Dinner Party mini-set. She comes with a candlestick and a candle.


Happiness is hosting a dinner party fit for a queen! Designing the perfect place with the finest of taste is what Tiara Sparkles does best. She always makes sure the evening sparkles as bright as her shining Petkin friends.


Tiara has blue eyes and yellow hair with ringlets in the back. She is light-skinned and her eyebrows are yellow. She wears a princess-themed dress in golds and pinks. She has a gold tiara on her head and pink shoes. Her lips are a deep pink.


  • Her appearance is very similar to that of a character named Apple White from the Ever After High franchise by Mattel.
    • This may not be coincidental as a photograph on the Moose Toys Instagram account showed several dolls which were used as inspiration for some products; one of the dolls was Ever After High's Apple White.