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(The episode starts with Cheeky Chocolate who is staring at the doors.)

Lippy Lips: Cheeky, what are you doing?

Cheeky Chocolate: Thinking.

Apple Blossom: Thinking about what?

Cheeky Chocolate: The doors.

Apple Blossom and Lippy Lips: The doors?

Cheeky Chocolate: Yup.

Apple Blossom: What about it?

Cheeky Chocolate: Well, what do we really know about them?

Lippy Lips: They open and close?

Apple Blossom: They're blue?

Cheeky Chocolate: No! I already know that!

(Apple and Lippy laugh.)

Cheeky Chocolate: I mean what's past them!

Lippy Lips: Oh yeah! I guess we never let before! Toasty said once that she got squished in there but, I don't think that counts.

Apple Blossom: Slick once told me that behind the doors, is the land of Pikky Nic! A land, where mysterious monsters named Ants, rule and eat unsuspecting Shopkins!

Lippy Lips: *gasps* How horrifying!

Cheeky Chocolate: Slick is just trying to scare you! There's no such things as Ant monsters!

Apple Blossom: *laughs* I kinda figured. It's a fun story though!

Lippy Lips: You and I have very different definitions of fun!

(Apple laughs.)

Cheeky Chocolate: I'm still no close to finding out what's out there!

Apple Blossom: Why don't you just look?

Cheeky Chocolate: What are you saying?

Lippy Lips: I think she's saying you should look!

Cheeky Chocolate: Oh haha. I know that. But it's not like I can just walk up to the doors, wait for them to open, then walk outside! *Kooky Cookie walks to the doors* It's just not that easy!

Apple Blossom: Kooky makes it look pretty easy.

Cheeky Chocolate: What?! Oh no! Kooky!!!!!

Apple Blossom: I'm sure she's fine!

Cheeky Chocolate: But what about the ant monsters?

Lippy Lips: Ohhhh nooo!!

Apple Blossom: Come on, guys! That's just a story! Besides, if it were true, what's to stop the ants from walking to those doors right now and eating us all up?

(The door opens.)

Apple Blossom, Lippy Lips, and Cheeky Chocolate: Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! The aaanntss!!

(The ant was revealed to be small and Suzie Sundae and Kooky Cookie came behind the doors.)

Suzie Sundae: Uhh..... hello? Check ya later!

(Episode ends.)

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