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(The episode starts with Apple Blossom talking.)

Apple Blossom: Hello Shopkins! It is time for our annual chocolate hunt! Cheeky will hide somewhere in the store and the first Shopkin to find her wins their choice of either the bunny plushy, or the new car!!! If we fail to find Cheeky, the prize goes to her!

Cheeky Chocolate: That car is as good as mine!

Apple Blossom: Cheeky, to your mark, ready, go Shopkins!!!

(All of the Shopkins run except Apple Blossom and Kooky Cookie.)

Apple Blossom: Kooky, aren't you going to hunt for Cheeky?

Kooky Cookie: Uhuh!!

Apple Blossom: Aren't you going to run?

Kooky Cookie: Nah uh!

Apple Blossom: Okay.. well, good luck!

Strawberry Kiss: With us working together, we should double the chance of winning!

Lippy Lips: Yup! Nothing can escape our gaze!

(Cheeky runs away behind them.)

Slick Breadstick: Yo mosiree! I will not let you escape from me! Nothing will distract my keen senses of- sacre bleu! Who is this handsome fellow?

(Cheeky takes a look at Slick while he's looking at the mirror and Cheeky escapes secretly.)

Cheeky Chocolate: *laughs* I've so got this car! But just to be safe I'll head to my perfect hiding spot!

Apple Blossom: Not Cheeky! Where could she be?

(A screaming sound is heard.)

Apple Blossom: *gasps* Oh no!

Lippy Lips: *gasps*

Slick Breadstick: Sacre bleu!

Strawberry Kiss: *gasps*

Apple Blossom: Cheeky, are you okay?

Cheeky Chocolate: Yes! Just get her off me! She's so heavy!

Apple Blossom: But, how?

Cheeky Chocolate: Well, I thought no one was silly enough to still be at the starting line.

Kooky Cookie: Kooky ball!!

Cheeky Chocolate: I was wrong!

Apple Blossom: You win, Kooky! Pick your prize!

Kooky Cookie: Yehey!!

Cheeky Chocolate: Atleast, maybe, I could borrow the car!

(Kooky chooses the bunny plushy and hugs it.)

Cheeky Chocolate: But, but, the car!

Kooky Cookie: Check ya later!

(Episode ends.)

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