Tammy TV is a rare Homewares Shopkin from Season Four.


Tammy TV: Wide eyed and excited, always shouting "Look At Me! Look At Me!" Till someone turns down her volume!

Updated Ultimate Collector's Guide Info

Sports Skill:

Channel Surfing


When everyone is looking at her

Best Costume:

Rabbit Ears


Plugged in


"I'm all about the drama!"


Tammy TV is a flatscreen TV with a light blue screen and blue edges. She has a dark blue base.

Her variant is a flatscreen TV with a yellow screen and pink edges. She has a purple base.

She also has a variant from the Mystery Edition Two set. She is a silver flatscreen TV with a white screen and a magenta base.


  • Tammy TV is the second TV Shopkin to be released, the first being Teenie TV from Season Three.
  • On the Season Four collector's guide, you can see part of Candy Apple from Season Three behind Tammy TV's variant.


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