Sweeps is a ultra rare Cleaning and Laundry Shopkin from Season Two.


Favourite Hobby:

Brushing up on her schooling.

Your friends would describe you as...

Don't just brush past Sweeps, she'll be your friend from dust till dawn! She can handle it all!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Molly Mops

Where do you hang out?

Cleaning and Laundry


Sweeps is a yellow broom with a purple handle.

Her variant is a teal broom with a magenta handle.


  • She is often mistaken as a male Shopkin due to the fact that her mouth resembles a mustache on the toy.
  • On her original toy, Sweeps's handle looks more orange and/or clear rather than purple.
  • Her static art lacks feet, which her catalog art and figure have.
    • Her original static art depicted her with feet.
  • The handles on both versions of her Collector's Tool artwork are darker than the ones on the toys.