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(The episode starts with Apple Blossom, Toasty Pop, Strawberry Kiss, and Kooky Cookie talking to each other.)

Apple Blossom: Have you guys heard about the mysterious Shopkin?

Toasty Pop: The what?

Strawberry Kiss: The mysterious Shopkin! He appears from the shadows helping Shopkins in need!

Toasty Pop: Like a superhero? Kinda sounds far fetched to me. What do you think Kooky?

(Kooky didn't answer.)

Apple Blossom: No, it's true! I saw him myself! I was playing with Mee Mee when.........

*Flashback starts*

(Dum Mee Mee's rattle hits a can in a pyramid stack and the cans started falling but a shadow appeared and saved them.)

*Flashback ends.*

Apple Blossom: And when I opened my eyes, I saw a cape shadow flying up in a distance!

Toasty Pop: Burnt bagels and breadcrumbs! That was close!

Strawberry Kiss: He saved you too?

Apple Blossom: I didn't know you would see the mysterious Shopkin too! What happened?

Strawberry Kiss: Well, I was cleaning, when this dust cloud came out of nowhere!


(Strawberry sneezes and the ladder started moving but a shadow saved her and puts her on top of the shelf.)

Strawberry Kiss: Oh, you saved me! Thank you so much! Wait, who are you? How do I get down?

*Flashback ends.*

Strawberry Kiss: I was stuck up there for a whole day!

Apple Blossom: Too bad you didn't see who it was! I'd really like to thank him!

Toasty Pop: Well, you never know! Maybe it's a Shopkin we know!

Strawberry Kiss: That's true!

Apple Blossom: Got any ideas on who it is Kooky?

(Kooky disappears.)

Apple Blossom: Where did she disappear to?

Toasty Pop: Maybe she's the mysterious Shopkin!

(The three laugh and says, "No way!")

Kooky Cookie: Check ya later!

(Episode ends.)

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