Super Shopper packs contain 26 Shopkins, 5 shopping bags, and 2 shopping baskets. Included are also 4 exclusive Shopkins. There are a total of 6 different exclusive Shopkins you may receive in these packs. The Season Three exclusives are: Candy Apple, Fiona Fries, Queen of Tarts, Bonnie Beret, Shoes-Anne, and Wanda Wafer. Currently there are only Super Shopper packs with Season Three and Season Five Shopkins. The Season Five exclusives are: Bertha Bath, Tammy Tambourine, Sadie Soccerball, Cuppa Cocoa, Grace Baseball Bat, and Polly Teapot.

Super shopper pack


  • These are sold at Costco.
  • They are the largest Shopkins packs made that include some non-recolored Shopkins.


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