Sunny Screen is a Limited Edition Shopkin from Season One. There are only 5,000 of her made.


Over protective and a bit of a worry-wart!

Ultimate Collector's Guide Info

Favorite Vacation Destination:

Miami Beach

Favorite Weather:

The hotter the better!

Perfect Accesory:

Her sunglasses, of course

Favorite Color:



A coconut-banana smoothie


"Life is a day at the beach!"

Sunny Screen can be a bit of a worrier, but deep down she just wants to take care of her friends. No one's getting burned on her watch!


Sunny Screen is a blue green bottle of SPF 30+ sunscreen. She is wearing pink-rimmed sunglasses and orange flip-flops.

There are no variants of this character.


  • Her static art and CT art colors her cap the same orange as her flip flops, while it is white on her figure.


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