Soda Pops is an ultra rare Party Food Shopkin from Season One.


Favorite Hobby:

Shaking it on the dance floor!

Your friends would describe you as...

Super bubbly and sweet! I add fizz to any party!!!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Rainbow Bite

Where do you hang out?

Where-ever there's a party!

Ultimate Collector's Guide Info




Being shaken up

Bad Habit:

Too much caffeine


Refreshing her wardrobe


"I hate to burst your bubble..."


Soda Pops is a red, blue, and white soda pop can that reads the word "POP!" in white letters.

Her variant is green, white, and pink with the word "POP!" in dark pink letters.

Cartoon artwork depicts her as being blue and yellow.

She also has two exclusive variants from the Food Fair blind bags. The first one is a purple, yellow, and pink soda pop can that reads "POP!" in white letters. The other one is a yellow, pink, and white soda pop can that reads the word "POP!" in blue letters.


  • Her static art has her without legs, which her figure and catalog art have.
  • Unlike most characters with words on their design, her letters are outwards-sculpted, giving them a 3D effect.


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