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(The episode starts with Apple Blossom and Kooky Cookie brodcasting the Shopville race.)

Apple Blossom: Welcome to the Shopville Speedway! What a day it is to be racing! Perfect conditions on the track for our three competitors: Toasty Pop, Cheeky Chocolate, and Strawberry Kiss! Who do you think is going to bring home the championship title?

(Kooky didn't answer.)

Apple Blossom: You're absolutely right, Kooky! Who knows who's going to win? It could be anyone's race!

(The lights turn green.)

Apple Blossom: Aaaaaannnnndd, we're off! Strawberry Kiss pulling ahead with an early lead! Followed closely by Cheeky and Toasty as she enters Shopville!

(Strawberry drops a giant eraser from the Stationery store and Cheeky avoided it, but Toasty rubbed her tire against it, creating fire in her tire.)

Apple Blossom: Now that's how to burn rubber!

(Spilt Milk is crossing while the three races, so she ran quickly that she spilled some milk on the track.)

Apple Blossom: Oh no! It looks like we have a slick on the track!

(Strawberry's tires slid across the milk, causing her to crash on a tree.)

Strawberry Kiss: No no no no no!!!

Apple Blossom: Oh no, there's another one!

(Slick Breadstick laughed while Cheeky and Toasty avoided the milk.)

Apple Blossom: Cheeky Chocolate moves into first place! What a race!

(Toasty got in the door and Cheeky knocked over a pyramid composed of soda bottles.)

Toasty Pop: Woah! Woah!

Apple Blossom: Looks like we need a cleanup in Aisle 3!

(Toasty's Shopping Cart had caught a bottle of soda.)

Apple Blossom: What an amazing display of skills with our racers entering the final stretch!

(Toasty notices the bottle of soda and launches it, causing her to be in first place.)

Apple Blossom: Toasty Pop wins! What a race! Second place for Cheeky aaaannnnnddddd, third place goes to Strawberry Kiss! Uhh, when she finishes.

(Strawberry's cart was pushed by Slick but when she finished, Toasty barged in.)

Toasty Pop: Check ya later!

(Episode ends.)

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