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Introducing the Shopkins Shoppies!00:31

Introducing the Shopkins Shoppies!

Shoppies is a Shopkins spin-off doll line that was originally released in October 2015. These fun and cool shopkeepers each have a unique personality, and their Shopkins can be unlocked on the Shopkins app with the codes from their VIP cards.

In October 2015, the Season One Shoppies were released. They include Popette, Jessicake, and Bubbleisha.

In December 2015, the Season Two Shoppies were released. They include Peppa-Mint and Donatina. Donatina was released with her playset, Donatina's Donut Delights.

In June 2016 three more Season Two Shoppies were released. They include Rainbow Kate, Pam Cake, and Sara Sushi.

In July 2016, a limited edition version of Jessicake was released for the 2016 San Diego Comic Con.

In August 2016, the Season Three Shoppies were released. They include new versions of Bubbleisha and Popette and a new Shoppie, Pineapple Lily. They each come with a playset. Also in August 2016, the Happy Places Lil' Shoppies were released.

In late September 2016, the Season Four Shoppies were released. They consist of new versions of Jessicake, Bubbleisha, Peppa-Mint, and Donatina. They were released as part of the Season Six Chef Club.

In November and December 2016, the Season Five Shoppies were released: A special edition "glitter" Shoppie named Gemma Stone was released on November 25th; and Kirstea, Pirouetta and Lippy Lulu who came with a playset were released in December.

In January/February 2017, new shoppies were released with Season Seven. Four normal shoppies, Polli Polish, Daisy Petals, Lucy Smoothie and Cocolette were released. Five Party Shoppies, Pineapple Lily, Bridie, Pretti Pressie, Rainbow Kate, Tiara Sparkles, Rosie Bloom, and Tippy Teapot with her playset "Tippy's Tea Party," were also released.


Each Shoppie comes with two exclusive Shopkins, one themed brush, one themed purse, one doll stand, and one V.I.P card. However, some of the recent Shoppies released with playsets do not come with purses. Their V.I.P cards have a photo of the Shoppie in the left corner and near the bottom is a Shopkins star. It shows the word "VIP" in big purple bubble letters. The Shopkins logo appears on the top right corner and the bottom has Jenny Penny. It says Shopkins on the bottom portion.


Season One

Season Two

SDCC Exclusive

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six


  • The Shoppies were originally going to be called "Shopettes."
  • Peppa-Mint was expected to be released with the first three dolls, as she was shown in the Shoppies' prototype image, but she was released a few months later.
  • The Shoppies named Jessicake and Peppa-Mint were originally going to be called Cuppy Cake and Creamie Queenie, respectively.
  • In some Toys R Us stores in Southern California, the original set of Shoppies were released early on September 13, 2015.
    • A year later, the Chef Club Shoppies were released early as well before their official September 24 release date. They were also found in Southern California, but this time at Wal-Mart.
  • The Shoppie Pam Cake was released two weeks after the other Season Three Shoppies.
  • Some of the Shoppies have an additional bow, belt or apron around their waist.
  • Recently, some of the Shoppies haven't come with purses.
    • However, the Season Five Shoppies do come with purses.


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