This article is about the episode transcript. If you're looking for the episode, click here.

(The episode starts with Lippy Lips crawling out from some vegetables.)

Lippy Lips: Welcome shoppers to another day of adventure and discovery as we bring you, Shopkins of the wild! We start out genning with Spilt Milk otherwise known as: cleanusupus-in-aisle-forus, whose refinding her native camouflage skills! This carton of milk's ability in consealment is second to love!

(Spilt Milk camouflages in a pile of oranges and the oranges started falling out and hitting her.)

Lippy Lips: Here, we encounter the ferociously firey Toasty Pop! Otherwise known as: toast-us-burnt-a-lotus, hunting in her natural habitat! Watch, as she patiently stalks her prey, her stealth-like movement renders her prey completely unaware that- *two toasts fell out from Toasty Pop*

Slick Breadstick: Sacre bleu!

Toasty Pop: B-b-b-b-burnt bagels and muffins!

Lippy Lips: Ahh! Clearly, this toaster has a lot to learn! And, finally! After months of waiting, the baby face, the shoppus-dummy-mee-diaper-wiper is about to take her first steps! How magical and beautiful this delicate young- *her phone rings* Hello! Oh, yes yes no problem! I can come around just after four!

(Dum Mee Mee dances ballerina while Lippy is talking through her phone.)

Lippy Lips: Fantastic! I'll see you there! Oops, got to go! Well, it looks like we might be waiting some time for this Shopkin to fully bloom! That's all we have time for this evening! Check ya later!

(Dum Mee Mee winks and the episode ends.)

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