McDonald's Shopkins toys

Starting in late December 2015, Shopkins McDonald's toys were released in McDonald's Happy Meals. They include one blue or pink shopping basket in the style of season three baskets, a turquoise shopping bag in the style of season three bags, and 2 shopkins - one in a blind bag and one visible. 

The Shopkins appear to mostly be one solid color, and are much larger than the typical Shopkin. Some of the Shopkins in here appear to belong in the Fashion Spree range or a previous season, but many of them are new characters.

The toys come with a collector's guide and are divided into teams like any ordinary Shopkins season.




  • Carrie Clutch
  • Rebecca Bag
  • Wendy Wristlet
  • Katie Clasp
  • Heidi Handbag
  • Connie Coin Bag
  • Duffa




  • Tutusweet
  • Teenie
  • Suzie School Skirt
  • Bella La Ball
  • Rhonda Ring
  • Flippa Flops
  • Prommy
  • Kitty Flats
  • Judy Jumper

Ultra Rare

  • Tiara
  • Kelsey Compact
  • Penelope Perfume


  • Tutusweet appears to be a re-named version of Tutucute.
  • Teenie is not only Teeni 1 from the Fashion Spree, but also Tiny 2.
  • All the shoes come in pairs, whereas in the actual seasons they come single.
  • Prommy does not resemble Prommy from Season Two, but rather Beverley Heels.
  • The rare McDonald's Shopkins have a unique finish while the rare Shopkins from seasons have normal finishes.
  • Shopkins McDonald's toys are much larger than standard Shopkins toys.


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