Popping Candy

Shopkins popping candy is basically a Shopkins version of Pop Rocks, which ironically is the food that the character PopRock is based off of. 

Currently there are two known flavors: Strawberry (featuring Strawberry Kiss on the front) and watermelon (featuring Wobbles or Melonie Pips on the front).

Sweets Shop Gingerbread House

The Sweets Shop Gingerbread House allows you to make your very own Shopkins gingerbread house! This kit includes: 

  • Pre-baked gingerbread
  • Pre-made icing
  • Shopkins gummies
  • Candy hearts
  • Fun scene setter

Fruity Gummies

Shopkins fruity gummies are gummy fruit snacks coming in three different flavors: Blue raspberry, strawberry, and green apple! 

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