Following the immediate success of Shopkins, several card games were released in 2015. Like the board games, they are simply classic games that feature Shopkins characters.

Spot It

Search for matching symbols with Shopkins Spot It! Familiar characters and symbols from the Shopkins universe are featured on a deck of matching cards. Between any two cards there is one, and only one, matching image. Players simultaneously try to gain or get rid of cards by spotting matches between their card and either a center card or an opponent's card. For two to eight players. Ages 5 +.

Go Shopping!

Go Shopping! is simply a Shopkins variation of the classic game Go Fish! There are three different packs to choose from, and each one includes a different set of cards and a different exclusive Shopkin. The Shopkins you may get are Stella Stapler, Chatter, and Laura Lashes.

Big Roll Bingo

Big Roll Bingo is simply a Shopkins variation of the classic game Bingo. 

Top Trumps

Top Trumps Shopkins cards are trading cards that are part of a card game called Top Trumps. 

Each card has a picture of the Shopkin with their fun factor, cuteness, "shopularity," hobby factor, and Top Trumps rating.

An app version also exists of Top Trumps.

Shopkins Hedbanz

This game is simply a Shopkins version of the game Hedbanz. You put a headband around your head and place a card in it that has a Shopkin on it. You then have to guess which Shopkin is on your head.

Make a Match

This game is simply a Shopkins version of the classic game of Memory, in which you place cards face down and try to match two like cards together. It includes an exclusive Miss Candy toy. 

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