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Shopkins: Chef Club is a movie released by Moose Toys for the Shopkins franchise. The movie was released on DVD October 25, 2016 by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.


Life’s never ordinary in Shopville, but things are about to get a little extraordinary with the arrival of the Chef Club. In order to be accepted into the club, the Shoppies will have to compete showing off their cooking chops!


Bubbleisha is excited when she hears the news about the opening of Chef Club, so she calls everyone and wakes them up so they can hear the news. They all rush to go to the cooking academy and as they reach they were all surprised. The Shoppies come across Peppa-Mint and notice that she is very shy. She starts by introducing herself but Bessie Bowl takes over by introducing the members of Chef Club. The other Shoppies and Shopkins introduce themselves too, but Bubbleisha realizes that she hasn't been getting compliments like everyone else when she does not get a chance to introduce herself. They are all curious about what Chef Club is, and Peppa-Mint sings a song about it.. They all get into groups and are asked to cook the first recipe (Spaghetti á la BOOM). They rush to the Small Mart to get all their ingredients. They head back to the Chef Club and started cooking. They all passed the first cooking test.


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