Shoes-Anne is a common Shoes Shopkin from Season Three.


Shoes-Anne: Never one for the high life, being comfortable is more important than being glamorous. She loves flattery!


Shoes-Anne is a yellow slipper with a red bow. The inside of her is red.

Her variant is a magenta slipper with a teal bow. The inside of her is teal.

There is an exclusive variant of Shoes-Anne included in a Super Shopper pack. She is a teal slipper with a lavender bow, and the inside of her is also lavender.


  • Her name is a pun on the girls name "Susanne."
  • She is the second slipper Shopkin to be made, the first being Bun Bun Slipper from Season Two.
  • While the collector's tool art for her Season Three variants show her from an arial view, the collector's tool art for her Super Shopper variant shows her from a frontal view.