Shampy is a common Health & Beauty Shopkin from Season One.


Favourite Hobby:


Your friends would describe you as...

Err is that Silky or Shampy? We never know! Heeheehee

Your Shopkins BFF:


Where do you hang out?

In the Beauty section

Ultimate Collector's Guide Info


Bubbly and stylish

Bad Habit:

Getting worked up into a lather

Favorite Weather:

Rain showers

Best Feature:

She always smells fresh.

Singature Dance Move:

The wave


Shampy is a white bottle of shampoo with a minty-green label. Written on the label is an 'S' in lilac ink. She is holding lilac bubbles from the shampoo in her hands.

Her variant is a yellow bottle of shampoo with a dark pink label. Written on the label is an 'S' in white ink. She is holding white bubbles from the shampoo in her hands.

In artwork, Shampy is depicted as a pink shampoo bottle with a lilac label, which has an 'S' written in violet ink. She is holding white shampoo bubbles in her hands.


  • Shampy's colors in artwork are different than the Shampy toys so that she has the opposite colors of Silky.
  • She is sometimes confused with Silky because of them having almost the same appearance as well as height. Their difference is that Shampy has the letter S on her while Silky has the letter C on her.
  • She is the first shampoo Shopkin, the second being Shampoo Sue from Season Two.


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