Shopkins Season 3 TV Commercial00:31

Shopkins Season 3 TV Commercial

Season Three is the third overall season of Shopkins, released in June of 2015. Season Three features playsets such as the Shoe Dazzle, Fashion Spree BoutiqueScoops Ice Cream Truck and the Make Up Spot. It also welcomes the addition of three new teams: International Foods, Stationery and Hats. The Ultra Rare Shopkins of this season are the Choc Frosted Shopkins, which appear to be frosted with milk chocolate or white chocolate. The special editions are the Polished Pearl Stationery Shopkins (they appear to be pearlized), and the Limited Editions are the Cool Jewels, which are shiny, as they are jewelry.

The bags and baskets in this season both have new molds. The bags are turquoise and say "Shopkins" on the front. The baskets are pink with removable blue handles, and it also says "Shopkins" on the front.



  • This was the first season to have baskets that can be stacked.


Toy Fair

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