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Season Eight (World Vacation) is the eighth overall season of the Shopkins toy line. It was released June 1st, 2017. The first wave are all based on European countries, the second on Asian countries, and the third in the Americas.

The special edition Shopkins of this season are the new bag charms which depict various landmarks and the ultra rares are the Spanish Stopover Shopkins, with a glitter finish. The blind baskets resemble a mini apartment with windows in which you can fit the Shopkins inside. They come in two colors, blue and purple, and are stackable, with the ones in larger packs having rooftops and balconies.


Wave 1

Wave 2


  • Instead of a long receipt for a checklist, this season uses a wide list that is made up of postcards.
  • Despite the announcement of June 1st as a release date, many locations got it on June 4th.
  • This is the first season to include three waves.
  • The Collector's Tool was prepped for the season during its release, yet did not have the images at the same time, leading to an error message. When it was released, a few Shopkins were missing from the listings, but this was slowly edited in with time.
  • This is the first season to split up the Limited Editions into separate waves, rather than have them appearing all at once.


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