Sconnie is a common International Food Shopkin from Season Three.


Sconnie is a yellow scone with cream, red strawberries, and purple jam in her.

Her variant is an orange scone with cream, butter, and pink strawberries in her.

She is also included in the Shopkins Mystery Edition 40 pack. This exclusive is a blue scone with cream, butter, and orange strawberries in her.

There are also two variants of her from the Christmas Blind Baubles. The first variant features her as a green scone with cream and fuschia pink strawberries on her.

The second variant features her as a white fading to light blue ombré scone with sliver cream, butter, and strawberries in her.


  • Her Mystery Edition and Bauble variant collector art designs color her teeth in as the same color as her lips. Her figure itself lacks teeth, having a closed mouth.


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