Rub-a-Glove is a Limited Edition Shopkin from Season Two. There are only 250 of her made.


Favorite Hobby:

Water Sports

Your friends would describe you as...

You've really got to hand it to her, She's the Queen of Clean when it comes to dishing up sparkling plates!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Molly Mops

Where do you hang out

Limited Edition

Ultimate Collector's Guide Info

Known For:

Dishing the dirt


Water sports

Best Friend:

Molly Mops

Prized Possession:

Rubber duck


"Can you give me a hand?"


Rub-a-Glove is a silver cleaning glove that is heavily coated in glitter.

There are no variants of this character.


  • Her name is a pun on both "rubber glove" and the phrase "rub-a-dub".
  • Her catalog art gives her a crosshatch pattern to symbolize rubber, something her figure and static art lack.
  • While all gloves have five sections for each finger, this figure only has four.


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