Rosie Bloom is a garden-themed Shoppie who was first released as a Lil' Shoppie in 2016.

In 2017, she was released as a full-sized Shoppie as a part of the first wave of Join the Party Shoppies.

Happy Places Bio

Adoring the great outdoors is what puts a smile on Rosie's face. Relaxing in the sun, she loves to decorate her Puppy Patio with nature to create an outdoor room that really blooms!


Rosie Bloom is a fair skinned girl with green eyes, pink lips, and red hair in buns. She has a red dress with two white buttons on the right side and the left side, a yellow pocket in the center, and pink lacing on the bottom of the dress with green stockings and pink boots.


  • Her name is most likely to describe a rose that blooms.
  • She is the third Shoppie to appear in the webseries, the first two being Jessicake and Rainbow Kate.