Rosie Bloom is a garden-themed Shoppie that debuted in 2016.

Happy Places Website Bio

Adoring the great outdoors is what puts a smile on Rosie's face. Relaxing in the sun, she loves to decorate her Puppy Patio with nature to create an outdoor room that really blooms!



Favorite Hobby: TBA

Shopkins BFF: Puppy Patio Dog Bone, Puppy Patio Dog Garden Bench, Puppy Patio Garden Table, Puppy Patio Dog House, Puppy Patio Yellow Tulip, Puppy Patio Sunflower, Puppy Patio Gumboots, Puppy Patio Planter Crate, Puppy Patio Red Tulip, Puppy Patio Basil, Puppy Patio Dog Bowl, Puppy Patio Herb Pot, Puppy Patio Watering Can

Favorite Place To Shop: TBA


Rosie Bloom is a fair skinned girl with green eyes, pink lips, and red hair in buns. She has a red dress with two white buttons on the right side and the left side, a yellow pocket in the center, and pink lacing on the bottom of the dress with green stockings and pink boots.


  • Her name is most likely to describe a rose that blooms.
  • She is the third Shoppie to appear in the webseries, the first two being Jessicake and Rainbow Kate.


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