Rockin' Broc is a common Fruit & Veg Shopkin from Season One.


Rockin' Broc: *Coming soon*


Rockin' Broc is a green piece of broccoli with light green 'hair' with green streaks in it. He carries a red strawberry guitar. He is wearing a dark green headband.

His variant is blue with light blue 'hair' with yellow streaks in it. He carries a light blue strawberry guitar. He is wearing a light green headband.

There is also an exclusive variant of him from the Mystery Edition #3 pack. This variant features him as a pastel green broccoli with dark green "hair". He carries a pastel pink guitar. He is wearing a pink headband. He is lightly coated with glitter.


  • He has a similar name to the Season Five shopkin, Rockin' Choc.
  • He is the first broccoli Shopkin, the second being Bethany Broccoli from Season Six.
  • His Mystery Edition variant lacks hair streaks.
  • In his Collector's Tool art, his guitar is designed to look like a strawberry, but it looks more generic in his figure.
  • An outline-only version of his collector's tool art is often used as a background design element on various printed media for Shopkins, such as folders and stationery.
  • His Collector's Tool art erroneously colors the space of his stalk between his florets and his headband the same color as his headband.
  • HIs green variant colors his streaks and headband the same shade of green as his body on his green variant's CT artwork. However, they are darker green on the figure itself.


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