Rockin' Broc is a common Fruit & Veg Shopkin from Season One.


Rockin' Broc is a green broccoli with light green 'hair' with green streaks in it. He carries a red strawberry guitar. He is wearing a dark green headband.

His variant is blue with light blue 'hair' with yellow streaks in it. He carries a light blue strawberry guitar. He is wearing a light green headband.

There is also an exclusive variant of him from the Mystery Edition #3 pack. This variant features him as a pastel green broccoli with dark green "hair". He carries a pastel pink guitar. He is wearing a pink headband. He is lightly coated with glitter.


  • He has a similar name to the Season Five shopkin, Rockin' Choc.
  • He is the first broccoli Shopkin, the second being Bethany Broccoli from Season Six.
  • His Mystery Edition variant lacks hair streaks.
  • In his Collector's Tool art, his guitar is designed to look like a strawberry, but it looks more generic in his figure.
  • An outline-only version of his collector's tool art is often used as a background design element on various printed media for Shopkins, such as folders and stationery.
  • His Collector's Tool art erroneously colors the space of his stalk between his florets and his headband the same color as his headband.


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