Ring-a-Rosie is a Limited Edition Shopkin from Season Three. There are 1,000 of her made.


Favorite Hobby:

Playing piano

Your friends would describe you as...

Likes to get attached. Once she's on your finger she won't let go. Runs rings around her friends when it comes to loyalty.

Your Shopkins BFF:

Roxy Ring

Where do you hang out?

Limited Edition


Ring-a-Rosie is a silver ring with a pink heart on the top. The heart is translucent.


  • Her name appears to be a pun on ring-around-the-rosie, a children's playground game.
  • An error on the Season Four collector's pamphlet shows her behind Sparkly Spritz.
  • The figure on the right of the collector's tool art is not a second ring but instead is the top view of Ring-a-Rosie in order to see the heart gem better.