Rainbow Bite is a common Party Food Shopkin from Season One.


Rainbow Bite: Optimistic and adventurous! - I always look on the positive side of life! 

Ultimate Collector's Guide Info

Style Secret:

Any color looks good on her.

Best Friend:

Soda Pops

Personal Hero:

Roy G. Biv




"You need a little rain to get a rainbow!"


Rainbow Bite is a purple, orange, and yellow slice of bundt cake stacked together in layers with pink icing.

Her variant is a pink, brown, and yellow layered bundt cake with white icing.

There are two variants of her included in the Food Fair line. One variant features her as an orange slice of bundt cake with pink frosting and purple feet.

The other variant features her as a light blue slice of bundt cake with red frosting and brown feet.

There is also an exclusive variant of her from the Mystery Edition #3 pack. This variant features her as a yellow, pink, and purple slice of bundt cake stacked together in layers with green icing. She is lightly coated with glitter.


  • Rainbow Bite's name is an allusion to the 1980's television show character Rainbow Brite.
  • Rainbow Bite is often confused to be a rainbow taco.


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