Queenie Hearts is a Lil' Shoppie found in the Mousy Hangout section. She is themed of playing cards.


Queenie Hearts loves to play the day away in the mousy hangout with games galore you can forget the score because everyones a winner here. She's always game to try new looks when it comes to decorating her room.


Queenie Hearts is an olive skinned girl with lime green eyes and raspberry lips. She has magenta hair with bangs, styled in a heart shaped bun. She also has a headband of white playing cards. She is wearing a frilly red dress with a white collar and a plain red section with a row of red and gold hearts. She wears white tights, gold heart shoes with playing card backs and white bracelets of both wrists.


  • Her name is a pun on the fairytale character, the Queen of Hearts. She is the second character with a pun based on this, the first being the Shopkin Queen of Tarts from Season Three.


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