Popette is one of the original Shoppies released on Oct. 1st, 2015. She is the popcorn themed Shoppie.

In summer 2016, a playset was released with a new version of Popette, this time with blue streaks in her yellow hair, called Popette's Popcorn Stop. It came with five exclusive Shopkins and a popcorn machine. She was also released as an original Happy Places Lil' Shoppie with the Happy Home around the same time.

In Month Year, Popette was released as a Lil' Shoppie in the Movie Night Besties pack with Jessicake.


Popette - A Bowl Lot A fun!

Loud and lovable, if there's a camera around you'll see her head pop up! Movies are this Shoppie's life! Popette loves talking about the latest movie she's seen but her Shopkins Besties Bowl-inda and Polly Popcorn are always telling her to "keep a lid on it!"

Favorite Hobby: Poppin' out the Movies!

Shopkins BFF: Bowl-inda Popcorn & Polly Popcorn

Favorite Place To Shop: The Cinema Popcorn Cart


The original Popette has a fair complexion with pink lipstick and bright blue eyes. Her eyebrows are slightly darker than her platinum blonde hair, which is worn up in a very curled, puffy hair-do. Her bangs sweep to the right with a single curl on each side of her head. She wears a red headband with several pieces of popcorn, a small blue bow, and a red and white bag of popcorn. She wears a blue bodice with her puffy sleeves reminiscent of a big piece of popcorn, adorned with a red bow in the center. Her red and white tutu skirt is lined with popcorn. She also wears red shoes with a yellow heel and short matching socks which are attached to the shoes. A single blue bow adorns each shoe.  


She comes with her two Shopkin BFF's, Bowl-Inda Popcorn and Polly Popcorn. She also comes with a popcorn purse, a doll stand, a VIP card, and a popcorn brush.


  • It is possible that the version of her from the Popette's Popcorn Stop playset was originally going to made for the Chef Club wave of Shoppies. On the Shopkins Collector's Tool, none of the Shopkins from that playset are present except for Pippa Popcorn and an unreleased Shopkin, Poppy Top. They were both supposedly released in the "Popette Shoppie Pack" during Season Six.
    • Another fact that supports this idea is that this version of Popette has an apron like the other Chef Club Shoppies do. This version of Popette also has colored highlights in her hair, much like the other Chef Club Shoppies.
  • Brazilian packaging for the original version of Popette calls her Pipokátia; the word "pipoca" translates to "popcorn," and the end of her name "tia" is used to make her name resemble a common girls' name.