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(The episode starts with Apple Blossom, Strawberry Kiss, and Toasty Pop playing with Dum Mee Mee.)

Apple Blossom: Coochy coo!

Dum Mee Mee: (giggles)

Toasty Pop: Look, she smiled!

Strawberry Kiss: So cute!

Apple Blossom: It looks like we're running out of baby supplies! Toasty Pop would you watch Dum Mee Mee while we go get some more?

Toasty Pop: It's toast burn!

(Apple and Strawberry wondered what did the word mean.)

Toasty Pop: That means yes.

Apple Blossom and Strawberry Kiss: Ohhhhh!

Apple Blossom: Okay, then! Be good Mee Mee!

Toasty Pop: Who wants a poopsy change? *sees Dum Mee Mee gone* What?!!

(Dum Mee Mee walks near the door.)

Toasty Pop: Ahhhhhhhhh nooooooooooo phew! The door isn't safe for- *gets smashed by the door* babies? Aw! Ohh!

(Toasty sees Dum Mee Mee hanging by a string.)

Toasty Pop: Noo! How will all think Toasty when she get up there?

(Toasty jumps through a bag of flour to catch Dum Mee Mee.)

Toasty Pop: Here you go! You're all safe! You really shouldn't be- *string gets cut* Oh no. *screams*

(Toasty hits a bag of flour and the flour scattered everywhere.)

Toasty Pop: Burnt bagels and muffins! I insist you stop this nonsense!

(Dum Mee Mee cries.)

Toasty Pop: Um.. I'm sorry! Don't cry!

(Dum Mee Mee's rattle hits Toasty's button and sends Toasty's bread slices flying and Dum Mee Mee laughs.)

Apple Blossom: Wow! I've never seen her laugh so much! You have to babysit her more often!

Toasty Pop: Um..she. *faints*

Apple Blossom: Was it something I said?

Dum Mee Mee: Check ya later! *sticks her tongue out*

(Episode ends.)