Polly Piano is a rare Music Shopkin from Season Five.


Polly Piano: A Shopkin who love to play 24/7. The key to her happiness is being in tune with her emotions!


Polly Piano is a purple piano with yellow keys and pink sheet music. She is holding a red rose in her left hand.

Her variant is a blue piano with white keys and white sheet music. She is holding a red rose in her left hand.


  • Polly Piano is the second piano character, the first being Piano Man from the Fashion Spree. They are also similar to each other despite of Piano Man's face being placed differently and Polly Piano having a music book.
  • Some of Polly Piano's original toys lack red music sheets.
  • Her catalog art portrays her sheet music as the same color as her body, rather than the different tones like the figures and static art.


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