Pirouetta is a Season Six Shoppie. She was released in November 2016. She is ballet/dance themed.


Pirouetta- Just Tutu cute!

When it comes to grace and style, this girl can really twirl! She's sure to impress in a sparkly dress that's just Tutu Cute! It's show time in no time, when Pirouetta and her Shopkins are around. Practice makes perfect for this Prima Ballerina. And she won't stop 'till the curtain comes down!

Favorite hobby: Practicing her pirouette

Favorite place to shop: The Shopkins Dance Studio


Pirouetta has pink-and-yellow hair pulled up in a dancer's bun. Her eyes are pink, and she has glittery eyeshadow. Her bodice and skirt are two shades of sparkly pink, and the skirt has a bow in the back. Her pink shoes resemble ballet slippers. There's a fabric frill decorating the back of her hair.


She comes with two Shopkins: Frilly Tutu (a ballet dancer's tutu) and Tippy and Toes (ballet slippers). She also comes with a purse with a bow on it, and a brush that resembles a tutu.


  • Pirouetta has tiny images of hearts in each of her eyes.
  • She is the first Shoppie to have an exclusive that are two shopkins in one.
  • She is very first Shoppie to have another original version of her, but this time, they give her a different outfit, hairstyle and reprinted accessories and Shopkins.


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