Peppe Pepper is a common Pantry Shopkin from Season One.


Favourite Hobby:

Shaking it on the dance floor!

Your friends would describe you as...

Always sneezing! Hehe no, probably clever and kind and a bit of a daredevil - I like to spice things up!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Sally Shakes

Where do you hang out?

On the Pantry shelf

Ultimate Collector's Guide Info

Knows How To:

Shake it on the dance floor

Wishes He:

Could stop sneezing!


Jalapeno, Cayenne, and Paprika

Best Friend:

Sally Shakes. They're rarely seen apart.


"Let's spice things up!"


Peppe Pepper is a purple and white pepper shaker. He has a purple "P" written and circled on his forehead. He is sneezing into a yellow handkerchief.

His variant is a light blue and pink pepper shaker. He has a pink "P" written and circled on her forehead. He is sneezing into a white handkerchief.


  • His artwork depicts him being a white pepper shaker with a purple lid. However, the colors of the toy itself were reversed, being a purple pepper shaker with a white lid.
  • His CT artwork portrays him with anger creases above his eyes. He lacks these on his figure.


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