Peppa-Mint is a Shoppies doll released in December 2015. She is the ice-cream themed Shoppie. 

In mid-2016, a new version of the character made an appearance in the Chef Club series, with a different face sculpt, outfit and hair.   

A Lil' Shoppie version of Peppa-Mint was produced in December 2016 as part of the Happy Home Pool & Sun Deck set.   

Another version of her was released for World Vacation in her set "Peppa-Mint's Gelati Scooter."

Another version of her is expected to be released for Wild Style.


Peppa-Mint - Cone sweet cone! 

She may look chilled but Peppa-Mint is always having meltdowns! Maybe she keeps losing her cool because she's so warm hearted! Shy and a little syrupy, she sticks close to all her friends and loves getting the scoop on all the gossip in Shopville! 

Favorite Hobby: Chillin' with friends!

Shopkins BFF: Carla Cone and Icy-Bowl

Favorite Place to Shop: "Cool Dream" Ice Cream Parlor


The original Peppa-Mint is a light-skinned girl with long teal/green hair and big teal/green eyes. She wears a brown headband with a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream on it, a strawberry ice cream cone with chocolate syrup, and two pink bows. She has a dark brown shirt that appears to look like chocolate syrup and the right sleeve of the shirt is lighter brown and appears to look like a waffle cone. She is also wearing a pink skirt that looks like it is decorated with polka dots that look like a nut topping and her shoes appear to be brown with two-tone pink bows.  


Peppa-Mint comes with two Shopkins: Carla Cone and Icy-Bowl. She also comes with a pink hairbrush, a pink purse, a VIP card, and a clear doll stand.

Her Chef Club version has the same accessories except for the purse, and she now has Choc Mint Charlie and Nice-Cream Sandwich as her Shopkins. She also comes with a mint green brush and a clear doll stand.


  • Her name is a pun on "peppermint," a common flavor for ice cream, and the name "Peppa".
  • She was originally going to be named Creamie Queenie and be released alongside Popette, Bubbleisha, and Jessicake, but she was released two months later at the same time as Donatina.
  • She sings the Shopkins Chef Club theme song, Tell Me What's Cooking in the Chef Club movie.


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