Papa Tomato is a Limited Edition Shopkin from Season One. There are only 2,500 of him made.


Papa Tomato: A story teller who adds flavor to everything he does.

Ultimate Collector's Guide Bio


Favorite Pastime:

Chatting with pals on the vine


Let's just say he's ripe!

Prized Possession:

Family heirlooms

Known For:

Being a seasoned storyteller

Best Friend:

Gran Jam


Papa Tomato is a red tomato with a curly black mustache. He is wearing a yellow hat and white glasses. He is also holding a bowl of noodles.

There are no variants of this character.


  • On his CT artwork, Papa Tomato has a red mustache but his toy has a black one.
  • Papa Tomato is the first tomato Shopkin, the second being Cherie Tomatoe from Season Three.


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