Molly Mops is a rare Cleaning & Laundry Shopkin from Season Two.


Favourite Hobby:

Playing mopscotch

Your friends would describe you as...

Molly Mops is buckets of fun! She's a real hard worker with a shiny personality. When it comes to finding a bargain, she loves to clean up! Just don't walk over her wet floor or she (bio discontinues)

Your Shopkins BFF:


Where do you hang out?

Always looking spotless in the Cleaning & Laundry Aisle.

Ultimate Collector's Guide Info

Sports Skill:

Mopping the floor with the competition

Favorite Song:

"Whistle While You Work"

Her Friends Say:

"Molly can wring out any problem!"

Known For:

Her strong work ethic


Checking things off her bucket list


Seeing her reflection in a clean, shiny floor

Secret Talent:

Getting a handle on the situation

This hardworking miss knows how to get the job done. But don't be fooled by her can-do attitude--she's buckets of fun!


Molly Mops is a blue bucket that has a tiny wooden handled yellow mop in it. She is making a face of disgust.

Her variant is a red bucket with a pink handled white mop in it. She is making a face of disgust.