Mobile Mary is an ultra rare Homewares Shopkin from Season Three.


Favorite Hobby:

Texting her besties

Your friends would describe you as...

A Shopkin who's always on call 24/7. Loves to help out when there's trouble. A real pocket rocket that's always 'APPY!'

Your Shopkins BFF:


Where do you hang out?



Mobile Mary is a pink and cream iPhone-style smartphone with various apps that are colored gold.

Her variant is a cream and brown iPhone-style smartphone with various apps that are colored dark brown.


  • The app icons depicted on her screen are a calendar depicting a "9", a speech bubble, a flower and a circle. Her artwork, however, depicts three more icons; an envelope (mail), a number "5" and an arrow which is the Youtube icon.
  • Her catalog art portrays her face as taller and closer together, while it is shorter and stretched out on her figure.


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