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Miss Pressy is a common Party Time Shopkin from Season Four.


Miss Pressy: Always gets an invite to every party and knows everyone's wishes. But she's not going to tell you!

Updated Ultimate Collector's Guide Info





Favorite Sport:


Secret Talent:


Pet Peeve:

Forgotten birthdays

Favorite Accessory:

Ribbons and bows


"Sharing is caring!"

Miss Pressy has a gift for gab. She can keep a secret, but she'll be bursting to let out what's inside!


Miss Pressy is a purple present with pink ribbon tied into a bow

Her variant is a green present with a red ribbon tied into a bow.

There is a variant of her included in the Glitzi Collector's Case. She appears to be a clear glitzi present with a teal ribbon tied into a bow. She is covered in a layer of glitter.

There is another variant of her included in the Sweet Heart Collection. She appears to be rosy pink and then fades into white. She has a red ribbon tied into a bow.

There is an exclusive variant of her included in the Shopkins Season 4 Mystery Edition 40 pack. This exclusive is a yellow present with a red ribbon and a silver bow on top.


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