Milly Mushroom is a common Fruit & Veg Shopkin from Season Four


Milly Mushroom: I'm a real Fun-guy and always the "sauce" of a good joke! Happy to shelter friends from the rain but be quick, there's not mushroom!


Milly Mushroom is a mushroom with a light blue bottom and reddish orange top. She has black freckles. 

Her variant is a mushroom with an orange bottom and a red top. She has brown freckles.


  • Milly is the second mushroom Shopkin to be released, the first being Miss Mushy-Moo from Season One.
  • In the collectors tool art for Milly Mushroom's purple Easter variant, there is a random black dot by her mouth.
  • The collector's tool art of her blue variant gives her freckles a thicker outline than the other ones.


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