Millie Shake is an ultra rare Dairy Shopkin from Season One.


Millie Shake is a vanilla milkshake inside a pink glass. On the milkshake is blue sprinkles and a red cherry. In the milkshake is a red straw.

Her variant is a chocolate milkshake in a white glass. On the milkshake is pink sprinkles and a pink cherry. In the milkshake is a yellow straw. Both variants are lightly coated in glitter. 

There are two variants of her included in the Food Fair. One variant features Millie as an orange milkshake in a white glass that fades to blue at the bottom. She is topped with a red cherry and a yellow straw.

The other variant features Millie as a vanilla milkshake in a purple glass. She is topped with a red cherry and a blue straw. Both variants do not have sprinkles.


  • She is the first milkshake Shopkin, the second being Moo Shake from the Food Fair and the third being Milly Shake from Season Seven.
  • In her white Food Fair variant CT art, she does not have a fade effect.


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