Meltin Muffin is an exclusive Shopkin from the Food Fair. She is included in the Cupcake Collection.


Meltin Muffin is a pink muffin with a purple wrapper. She is topped with blue frosting, blue heart sprinkles, and a white heart-shaped cookie.

There is a variant of her included in the Sweet Heart Collection. This variant features her as a pink muffin with a red wrapper. She's topped with white frosting, white heart sprinkles, and a gold heart-shaped cookie.


  • Meltin Muffin more closely resembles a cupcake rather than a muffin.
  • While her Collector's Guide artwork and most toys of her have one top eyelash and two bottom eyelashes, her toy has also been spotted with two top eyelashes and one bottom eyelash. This seems to be more of the case for the Sweet Heart Collection variant of her.


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