Melodine is a Lil' Shoppie from the Happy Places Dreamy Bear Lil' Shoppie pack, which came out in 2016. She was also released as a normal shoppie in 2017. Her theme is music/pianos.


Happiness is....

Being pitch perfect while pumping out some smooth sounds with her Petkin friends in the Dreamy Bear bedroom. Melodine's day always ends on a happy note!

Happy Places Website Bio

Being pitch perfect. Her favorite thing is to sing! She loves pumping out smooth sounds with her Petkins in the Bear Bedroom. That way the day always ends on a happy note! 


Melodine is a light-skinned girl with curly purple hair worn in a bun, with two tight finger curls framing her face. She has yellow eyes and wears a white and black piano key-patterned headband with a bow that has a music note in the middle. Her music-themed outfit consists of a white top with pink frilly sleeves, pink trim on the collar, and a treble clef design, and a piano key-themed skirt. Also, she wears lavender tights with pink ballet slippers.


  • Her name is a pun on the word "melody."
  • She and Lippy Lulu are the first Lil' Shoppies to not be themed after a type of food or beverage.