Mary Wishes is a common Party Time Shopkin from Season Four.


Mary Wishes: Always gets an invite to every party and knows everyone's wishes. But she's not going to tell you!


Mary Wishes is a cupcake with a pink holder and chocolate icing that fades into pink, with a white candle that has a red flame. She is also holding a white present and a white card.

Her variant is a cupcake with a purple holder and light blue frosting that fades into pink. She has a blue candle with an orange flame and is holding a blue present and a blue card.

She has two Easter Egg variants. The first is a cupcake with a yellow holder, plain pink icing, and a pink candle to match her card and present. The second is a cupcake with a purple holder, white present, white card, yellow candle, and yellow and orange ombré frosting.


  • Her name is a pun on "merry wishes" or "many wishes" and the name "Mary."