Mary Meringue is an ultra rare Bakery Shopkin from Season Two.


Favorite Hobby:

Whipping up treats!

Your friends would describe you as:

SWEEET and fluffy! Plus I always have my head in the clouds....sorry what was the question?

Your Shopkins BFF:

Lippy Lips

Where do you hang out:

The Bakery section

Ultimate Collector's Guide Info

Known For:

Whipping up treats

Bad Habit:

Her sweet tooth


She always has her head in the clouds.

Secret Weapon:

A dollop of courage


Born and baked in Alaska


Mary Meringue is a dollop of lavender meringue with pink sprinkles. She is translucent and has glitter inside of herself. She appears to be looking to the left, and she has a curious expression on her face.

Her variant is a hot pink dollop of meringue with red sprinkles.


  • On her art image, she appears to have pink shoes, however the toy has the same color shoes as her body.


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