Marty Party Hat is a common Party Time Shopkin from Season Four.


Marty Party Hat: You've got to take your hat off to him. He's one of the silliest Shopkins around but always a lot of fun!


Marty Party Hat is a yellow party hat with purple stripes and a pink pompom. He is blowing into a red party blower.

His variant is a red party hat with white stripes and a teal pompom. He is blowing into a pink party blower.

He has two Easter Egg variants. One is a mint party hat with yellow stripes and a blue pompom, and the other is a pink party hat with hot pink stripes and a pompom of the same color. The former has a pink party blower, whereas the latter has a robin's egg blue party blower.


  • His bio is exactly the same as June Balloon's former bio besides switched pronouns.